We treat patients at our three clinics with the most appropriate treatment as advised by Dr. Econs. We have a number of options available.

Hay Fever Treatments

It's a joy to feel a hint of Spring in the air, warmer days, blue skies, birdsong, grass growing, bulbs, buds on trees - at last.

For some indeed that is how we feel, for others... it is the beginning of itchy watery eyes, runny itchy nose, repeated sneezing, itchy throat, palate and ears. Yes, it is the beginning of the hay fever season.

Hay fever is caused by breathing in pollen particles and the particles also getting in your eyes. The hay fever season varies from person to person depending on when you get symptoms.

In early spring it is trees such as Ash, silver birch or oak that are the cause. In the summer months, May to August, it is the grasses that are the problem and towards the autumn, the culprits are the weeds such as nettles, mugwort or some moulds.

How can we help you?
1) Confirm which pollens you are allergic to with skin tests or blood tests.
2) Use preventative treatment with desensitisation 2-3 doses pre-seasonally - see Desensitisation.
3) Help you to alleviate your symptoms during the pollen season with sub-lingual immunotherapy.

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