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Should Christmas have a health warning!

Author : Dr. Apelles Econs
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I am sure I am not the only medic in Britain to have thought that this lovely time of the year should come with a health warning: GP’s surgeries are usually packed with coughs, colds and an array of problems, which seem to be worse in the winter.   Serious illnesses are more common.  December, January and February the mortality rate amongst the elderly in Britain shows a unique peak, which does not appear in any other Northern European country.  In Britain, it is uncommon not to have a flu epidemic every December.

There may be several reasons for this.  Being close to the Atlantic our climate is constantly changing from humid to cold and vice versa.  During winters we spend most of our lives indoors, being affected by indoor pollutants such as dust mites or moulds.  Our diets contain more carbohydrates, not to mention more than usual intake of alcoholic beverages and sugary foods.  After all, we are supposed to have “a good time”!  'We are what we eat' is a very true saying and the link between food intolerance and our health is more relevant than commonly acknowledged by the medical profession at large.

Many years ago I found it rather intriguing that some very healthy people were not affected by the germs carried by others around them.  Whilst traditionally, this can be attributed to pure “good luck”, there is another rather attractive explanation: these people have a healthier chemistry and their immune system is not too susceptible to viruses.  If their chemistry is stable, their own viruses of common cold that happen to exist dormant in their naso-pharynx, are not activated to become an illness.  By looking after our immune system with nutritional supplements we can avoid many of these ailments.

Ways to strengthen one’s immune system include:

  • Keep intake of sugar, dairies and alcohol to a minimum – all have been associated with health problems, because they challenge the integrity of our cells and our capacity to detoxify
  • Regular doses of Zinc such as 25-50mg daily are known to raise our immune defences as are essential fats eg omega 3 and omega 6 (1-2 gr daily)
  • Reduce stress – for the sake of celebrating Christmas and showing our love to our loved ones, we are constantly reminded of an extra-ordinary variety of gifts to buy, without realising that unwittingly we participate in a well orchestrated marketing exercise aiming to sell manufacturing goods and raise profit for commercial companies. Few other countries in the western world go as mad as we do
  • Get more sleep, not less. The body needs more rest during the winter months (from cavemen’s days)
  • Top up your vitamin D with meaningful amounts ie 2,000-4000 units daily, invest in a special lamp for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or, better, if you can afford it, take a trip to a sunny place for a week.

We wish all our clients and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Peaceful and Healthy New Year!


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