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Protecting Your Most Vital Assets!

Author : Hazel Econs

Following on from the earlier blog about the safety of mobile phones, I was sent the following which I thought deserved to be shared with you.

We are not yet fully aware of the knock-on effect of radiation through the technology we surround ourselves with.  In our clinics we certainly see some severally affected patients who ask us to turn off the Wi-Fi when they come to the building, because they are so sensitive to it.  We see the effect it has on their day to day living, things you and I take for granted, such as emails, surfing the internet, using a mobile phone they are unable to do.

My deepest concern is for the next generation who are growing up with this technology, will there be long-term damage?

Silver-lined underpants for repelling radiation

British scientist (Hurrah!) Joseph Perkins, has developed silver-lined boxer shorts to protect the wearer from radiation produced by everyday gadgets.

The prototype pants, named Wireless Armour, have had metal woven into them, creating a small Faraday cage that protects the wearer from 99.9% of radiation.

According to Mr Perkins, the customised underwear are needed because of falling sperm counts, which he partly attributes to the gadgets we use daily.
The underwear is claimed to work because the cage - invented by Michael Faraday in the 1800s - distributes any electromagnetic radiation evenly around it.

Mr Perkins said, "The communications systems in parliament and vital military installations are all protected by Faraday cages to stop them being interfered with.
"Now you can protect your most valuable assets too with Wireless Armour.
"This covers the entire range of radiation emitted by wireless devices, from voice and texts through to 4G and Wi-Fi."

He needs to raise £30,000 to put the underwear into production. Early backers can get a pair for £14, while the price will rise to £24 for later backers.

Mr Perkins says he also plans to develop a silver-lined bra.


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