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Netherlands Offers Treatment for Young M.E. Patients

Author : Hazel Econs
Related Conditions : Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS M.E

The Guardian wrote the following interesting article about treatment being offered in the Netherlands to young M.E. patients.  Definitely help is needed for the many sufferers who are often mis-diagnosed and misunderstood.


Help for young ME patients


Although  counselling interventions have not been very successful in adults, the trial in Holland has shown clear benefits in children.  

It is good to hear another psychologist clarifying that CFS/ME is not a psychological syndrome because most people do seem to respond to biological interventions, aiming to improve their immune system, cell chemistry and nutritional status.   Several studies published over the last few decades have highlighted biochemical anomalies in these patients, most of which are reversible.

Our Medical Director, Dr. Econs, says “I believe the stated percentage of children with CFS (2-3%) is an underestimate.  Many youngsters suffer with recurrent infections, tummy problems and suboptimal levels of energy, although their fatigue is not the primary symptom investigated.  Assessing their energy levels with an "activity scale" often shows poor performance.  Somehow the real issue is being overlooked. The effects on achieving their best results in their exams are immediate and palpable.

This is yet another field where life-style interventions seem to play a serious, causal role.


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