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MS - Another Auto-Immune Disease!

Author : Dr Apelles Econs

The latest hope for MS sufferers is a medication called Ocrelizumab - see BBC article on a study just published in the New England Journal of Medicine MS ARTICLE
Apparently the medication is promising because it can slow down the progression of the disease. The clinical trial directly implies that the process of de-myelination, is caused by a person's B-cells (B-lymphocytes) attacking the myelin cover of the neurones, a large part of one's central nervous system. Only a couple of weeks ago, schizophrenia hit the headlines, for also being identified as an "auto-immune" condition - news pretty unsettling for the psychiatrists!

To many clinical allergists who are trained to think "outside the box" this is not a new concept; it confirms that MS is yet another "immune" problem and explains why so many patients with MS seem to benefit from using modern methods of detoxification, from radical changes in their diet, from using natural nutrients oral or intravenously and from assessing their metal load and removing as much of it as they can. This is often being dismissed by neurologists as a "spontaneous resolution", oblivious to the so-called MS crisis, when these patients remove their metal fillings without due protection or when they relax their strict dietary regimes.

It is a great pity that, in spite of so many modern day conditions attributed to our immediate environment and unhealthy life styles, Healthcare policies in the western world, rarely consider investing more on assessing the role of these factors in such disabling health issues. Pills are only a short term option to customised analysis and treatment of these conditions and they never come without a risk of side effects.


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