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Hay Fever Predicted Worse Than Usual!

Author : Hazel Econs
Related Conditions : Hay Fever

Although we have seen hints of Spring in the air, it hardly feels as though we are ready to put away the winter clothes for a few months yet and get out the BBQ's!

However, it has been predicted by scientists that hay fever sufferers could be in for the hardest Spring and Summer for many years.

The extremely long and cold winter has delayed the growing season and now the trees, plants and grasses are playing catch-up and could release their pollen simultaneously, making hay fever symptoms worse than usual.

Birch pollen is one of the earliest triggers of hay fever, this has been delayed so is going to coincide with the beginning of the grass pollen season.  People who suffer from both these types of allergens, will not have the usual gap of relief in between!  Then, if the weather improves in June, we will get high grass pollen levels, which will just exacerbate the problem.

Although there are a variety of symptom relief remedies available, Allergy Medical UK believe that treating the cause, rather than just the sympotms, is a far more effective approach.  Desensitisation is a simple and yet effective method of treament that could offer long term relief of hay fever symptoms, as well as for asthma suffers too.

It is worth investigating isn't it?  Have a look at our website for our Specialist's Tips.



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