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Does Your Dog Sufffer With Food Intolerances?

Author : Hazel Econs
Related Conditions : Food Intolerance / non-allergic food hypersenstivity

Mine does and she is not alone!

Just as food intolerances are a growing phenomenon for us, so also many dogs are developing sensitivities to food ingredients, as stated by Dr Zara Boland, of Zara's Pet Clinic on ITV's This Morning programme.

I have a seven year old Cocker Spaniel, Muffin.  Within days of collecting her from the breeder I became aware that she was scratching quite a lot.  She was already on a well-known non-allergenic dog food so I did not suspect foods.   However, I took her to the vet for her first check and discussed her symptoms.  

Richard Bleckman of Roehampton Veterinary Clinic is the Dr. Econs of the animal world.  A conventional vet but with a holistic and natruopathic interest.  He thankfully does not prescribe antibiotics whatever the problem!  He immediately suspected food intolerances and recommended I start cooking her food myself, chicken, lamb, rice and vegetables.  Her scratching stopped within days.  Muffin has continued on this diet with lots of raw vegetables, a sprinkling of kelp and essential fatty acid capsule and still people comment on her soft coat and she remains full of bounce.

Wheat is certainly one of Muffin's problem foods.  Within hours of eating wheat she will be scratching her ears and rubbing the side of her face along the ground.

According to Dr. Boland, all dogs can develop coeliac disease, Irish Setters are particularly predisposed to it, as are Wheaten Terriers.  That is not a joke -Wheat-en Terriers!

I have also seen a dog with an awful skin complaint, it looked like a very bad case of eczema and couldn't help but think that changing it's diet may be the answer to it's problem, rather than drugs.

In one of our clinics we prepare vaccines for a vet who treats horses with hay fever.

Our pets are part of our family and should be treated with the same care and interest in their welfare as ourselves.


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