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Can yoghurt cure peanut allergy?

Author : Hazel Econs

According to an article in The Independent dated the 30.01.15 : "Peanut allergy affects around half a million people in the UK and more than 10 million globally. It is the most common cause of fatal food allergy reactions and unlike many other child food allergies, usually persists into adulthood. Patients risk anaphylactic shock or even death if they are accidentally exposed to peanut traces."

Research is constantly being carried out looking for a cure to peanut allergy, which would transform the lives of individuals and families.

A study has been carried out at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute near Melbourne, Australia where 60 children were treated with increasing doses of a peanut protein over the course of 18 month.  Half were also given a daily dose of a probiotic which is found in yogurt, although they were given the probiotic in much larger amounts than found in a normal yoghurt serving.  

More than 80% of the children who had received the probiotic were able to tolerate the challenge of peanut they were given, whilst of those who didn’t receive the probiotic only 4% made it through the challenge.

Dr. Econs comments:
Yogurt contains one of the best probiotics known today as Lactobacillus Ramnosus.
Probiotics are known to help reduce the phenomenon of leaky gut (increased gut permeability) which allows proteins not broken down to amino acids to enter the circulation, thereby causing a cascade of events leading to a reaction such as peanut allergy or intolerances. e.g. gluten or other foods.

The observation the researchers made, raises the possibility that peanut allergy may actually affect people who are susceptible to have leaky gut, which is helped by probiotics as are common non-allergic food hypersensitivities.

Our low dose method of immunotherapy (LDI) has been used since the 1980’s to improve one’s resistance to accidental exposure to peanut and other allergens such as bee and wasp venom.


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