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Allergies are Cumulative

Author : Hazel Econs

You may wonder why you have suddenly developed an allergic reaction to your own pet or maybe someone else's.  Or have developed hay fever when you've never had it before.

Allergies are cumulative.  This means that people suffering with one type of allergy may develop another sensitivity because their immune system becomes overloaded when one trigger, i.e. when pollen count is particularly high.  So you may suffer with hay fever and then you come into contact with a pet and find you suffer itchy skin or runny eyes which you don't normally have.  Your body is simply stuggling to cope with the onslaught of allergens at one time.

If you can identify what your triggers are and find a way to avoid other allergens, you may be able to lower your response.  This is even the case with food sensitivities.  Reduce your intake of foods you are sensitive to, i.e. dairy, grains, soya and you may find your aero or inhalant allergies, i.e. house dust mite or pollen, will improve.

The most accurate way to identify food sensitivities is by an elimination and challenge diet.  Inhalant and pet allergies can be tested with blood tests or skin prick tests.

If it is difficult or impossible to avoid the culprits, then we offer desensitisation treatment as an alternative.



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