Dr. Apelles EconsDr. Apelles Econs, Medical Director of clinics in Surrey, Yorkshire and Oxford.

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Identifying and treating the underlying causes of allergies and food intolerance is preferable to masking the symptom with medication, which may be short lived.

This website is a comprehensive guide to the allergies, food intolerance and other conditions we treat for instance blastocystis hominis and dientamoeba fragilis.

We offer professional guidance to identify the causes of allergies and food intolerances with various diagnostic tests. If avoidance is not viable or possible, we treat these allergies and intolerances with desensitisation.

We help you to understand why your health has been affected by these issues. With this knowledge and understanding you are then empowered to be in control of your own health and well-being.

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For the first time someone was able to tell me why I felt the way I did and offer me a way of solving it.
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C.T. (Oxfordshire 37 yrs)

I feel like a new person. I can’t explain the quick and drastic change, but please let Dr. Econs know about this and tell him that he is the best doctor in the world.
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C.M (Peterborough)